3 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to a Business Account

Instagram is a social media platform that doubles as a business owner’s treasure chest.

If you own a business and have solid marketing skills up your sleeve, you’re most likely going far on Instagram. Emphasis is on ‘most likely’ because this is yet to be a done deal.

Only if you’re strategic in leveraging Instagram’s features could you succeed. And one way to do just that is to switch to a business account.

Here’s more on the matter.

1 – Use Native Shopping Function

The native shopping function is something that personal Instagram accounts lack. If you’re a retail brand or an e-commerce fellow looking to increase sales and improve product discovery, this one is for you.

Admittedly, the conversion rates with the native shopping function are not skyrocketing. But with the shopping function, your product and your brand are definitely getting an acknowledgment in the area of product discovery. And this, in itself, is a good thing.

Through this, Instagram is already paving the road for more people to come to you. The following move is up to you.

2 – Use the Swipe Up

Apart from the shopping function, business accounts have another unique feature: the Swipe Up link! You can find it in Stories.

This feature allows you to place a link that will reroute the traffic and lead your followers to a particular place. It’s a big deal because Instagram doesn’t usually allow links unless these links are in the bio.

3 – See Important Insights & Manage Your Account Better

This is a very important reason to make the switch. On a business account, you’re in the front seat as you view important insights.

Some of these insights are audience demographic details, the number of profile views, stats for posts and stories, and the number of clicks in your bio.

You can use these insights to know about your current standings. And you can use them to manage your account better — much better.

For example, you can create your content according to the post that trumped the highest number of likes.

Effectively managing your Instagram account is paramount to your success. You can use Instagram bots to give you a hand.

You may check out this link: https://www.swsmag.com/best-instagram-bot-reviews/. If you’re not sure which automation tool is right for you, that link will enlighten you.

Final Thoughts

And of course, there’s the obvious: switching to a business account somehow legitimizes your business.

It sends out the message that your Instagram account is a professional’s work of art. More importantly, it sends out the message that you’re worth taking seriously.