4 Reasons to Crate-Train Your Dog

People often assume that crate training is too cruel for dogs. However, it may not be all that true, and there may be benefits to crating. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, there are positive aspects to this, and here are four examples.

A Safe Haven

Despite the negative consequences of crating, it may also provide your dog a form of shelter. Unlike how the Internet exaggerates its negative aspects, a crate may double as a place where your pet can feel safe, after training that is. Whenever it becomes afraid or tired, it will feel at ease and rest inside its crate. At that point, it no longer serves as a cage, but a home for the dog. In fact, dogs stay voluntarily inside after you properly train them.

Anxiety Reduction

Since the crate can be a sign of safety for the trained dog, they can feel secure there during a thunderstorm, for example. If you notice, dogs tend to bark whenever there is a storm, that is an example of anxiety for them. It occurs when they feel unsafe and have nowhere to stay. Thus, if you crate-train your dog, it has a method of coping with that particular situation. Consequently, you save yourself the effort of comforting or scolding your dog for making noises during storms, and your dog benefits from less anxiety.

Easier Toilet Training

You’ll be surprised that your dog quickly learns where and when to take a dump if you crate-train them. After all, they will not just defecate inside their crate since it smells awful for them. Thus, they will most likely hold it in until you let them out. That way, you can keep your dog in check and schedule its bathroom time. However, do not leave them for long hours inside the crate or they may end up having no choice but to do it there.


For pet transportation purposes, crates work quite well. If you need to take your dog to the veterinarian, you likely have to use a crate. Therefore, this situation is another positive aspect of crate training since your pooch will just stay put. It will move around and bark less than dogs that are untrained. Lastly, if you need portable crates for these scenarios, you can take a look at Selected Best since they have a wide selection.


Crates are more than just cages for dogs if trained properly. Crate training can benefit your dog in multiple ways such as providing a safe place, reducing anxiety in certain situations, enforcing toilet training, and making transport more convenient.