5 Gift Ideas for the Home Improvement Dad

If your dad thinks he’s the next Tim-The-Tool-Man-Taylor or Bob Villa, and spends all his TV time watching home improvement programs, then there are tons of gift ideas for him that you could consider, but here are 5 for starters:

–One. A laser tape measure.

They’re a little pricey compared to a regular tape measure, but very accurate, and most of all, trendy. If you aren’t sure which brand or kind to buy, do a little research online, and let product reviews be your guide. Or you may know someone who already has one or uses one. Get their input before you buy.

–Two. A gift box.

Using a toolbox as the “gift basket”, fill it up with a lot of cool tools, from nails to screwdrivers to wrenches to drills to vise grips. Take a sneak peek into the toolbox he already has, so that you can avoid duplicating the tools. Or ask dear old mom. She may know what he wants or needs. Other things you can add are safety goggles, gloves, and a hat.

–Three. A gift card to a home improvement store.

He will be in hardware heaven getting to choose his own tools. Or maybe it’s other supplies and materials he has his sights set on. Whatever his tool dreams are, you can help him achieve them.

–Four. A do-it-yourself instructional DVD set.

Your dad will be in his glory as he follows step by step instructions on how to undergo the home improvement projects on his list. Maybe it’s re-facing the kitchen cabinets, or installing a new shower stall. Whatever it is, how-to DVDs are a gift he can use time and time again.

–Five. A tool belt.

This idea runs along the lines of the gift basket, where you fill the tool belt with new tools and other items he could use, has never had, or has always wanted. Make sure it’s a well-made tool belt, because a cheaply made one will wear out much sooner. A good one will last for years. Related gift ideas, more in the novelty category, include a sterling ring that looks like a silver nail curved around the finger, a magnetic wristband that keeps nails and screws secure and within reach, a diaper bag that looks like a tool belt, complete with side pockets for bottles, baby toys, and other accessories.

If he already has a good tool belt, then consider a really nice tool chest. Most come in steel or durable plastic, so do some comparison shopping and review-reading, because it can be difficult to resolve the many options available to you.