Advantages of Using Paint Sprayers Over Other Methods

A fresh coat of paint improves the general outlook of your house and furniture. Painting can be done in different ways which include using a brush, a roller or using a paint sprayer. The results are dependent on the technique employed by the painter as much as they are reliant on the product used. Either way, all these techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choose one method based on the project you are undertaking and compare the differences based on the project, surface, and the dimensions of the surface. Nevertheless, this article explores the benefits of using paint sprayers over other methods.

Quick Finishes

Estimates indicate that using a paint sprayer is ten times faster and four times faster than using a brush and a roller respectively. On the same note, spray finishes tend to be quicker and evener. You can spray a large number of finishes in very minimal time, and the coat dries fast because the finish is broken into small particles by the sprayer. Even better, there is little time for the dust to settle on your work when the coat is tacky, alleviating the need to sand between coats.

Versatile Finishes

Any finish applied by a brush or rag can also be applied by a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer can use both water-based and solvent-based materials. Also, sprayers do a better job because a sprayed finish hides any marks or small scratches since the finish is made out of thin layers. However, it is still important to prepare the surface before spraying.

Better quality finishes

It is quite obvious that spray finishes produce better quality results. With a paint sprayer, you can minimize some of the problems associated with brushing such as air bubbles, runs, and drips. Irrespective of the size or shape, you can spray a whole piece fast and produce a light and even finish.

Hard to reach areas

It is easier to paint hard to reach areas with a paint sprayer than with a brush or a roller. You can apply paint to crevices and cracks more easily, a task that would otherwise be hard, jabbing into these areas with the brush bristles.


Paint sprayers are available in different types to suit the needs of different homeowners, professional painters, and contractors. The most popular types of sprayers are air paint and airless models. Air paint models use air compression to spray whereas airless sprayers use pressure to push out the paint. Unlike airless sprayers, Air paint sprayers are more costly, but they tend to produce a more even coating.


Paint sprayers are faster and more ideal for large projects. They come in different types, shapes, sizes and power ranges and are very easy to use. However, it pays to take a bit of practice before embarking on any particular project, especially if you are a beginner. A little bit of research on sites such as Paint Smoothly can give you more insight as to why spray painters outdo the standard brush or roller.