Buying Guide for Children’s Wheelbarrow

As children grow, they tend to copy everything that adults do. Children who see their parents working in the garden and pushing wheelbarrows around will want to emulate their parents, and you will find them playing around with the wheelbarrows. While this is a real developmental milestone, it is risky because kids may end up hurting themselves. It is therefore important to consider buying them their toy wheelbarrow but with the same functionality of an adult wheelbarrow. This keeps them occupied, and make them feel useful.

We understand that choosing the right wheelbarrow for your kids is a challenging task and to save you from going this predicament, we at compiled some useful factors to consider when buying children’s wheelbarrow. Read on to find more:


In as much as to them it’s a play toy; try to ensure that it offers real life functionality like your typical wheelbarrow. Ensure that it has real handles, the barrow which can carry loads and wheels to make the children have a real life experience of pushing a wheelbarrow like you.


The kids’ safety should be your top priority. Go for models that offer maximum safety. The handles should be smooth. They should either be wooden or plastic with a smooth finish. There shouldn’t be sharp edges that might hurt the kids. The wheels also need to be steady to avoid frequent flipping.

Attractive design

Children are attracted by bright colors and beautiful things. Go for a design that the kids will enjoy playing with. Choose a wheelbarrow that has playful decorations so that the children will concentrate on playing rather than working.

Consider your child’s age

You don’t want to buy a wheelbarrow that will not offer your child the much-desired play experience. Match the wheelbarrow you intend to buy with your children’s age. If the child is too young, don’t purchase a wheelbarrow that is too big for him to push around. You will end up stressing your child for no reason. Manufacturers have set age limits for their products. The age specification will help you choose what works perfectly for your child.

Go for the right size and shape

When shopping for children’s wheelbarrow, don’t be afraid to test it. Manufacturers may say that a certain wheelbarrow is perfect for a certain age, but it may not match with your child’s size. Have your child practically test the wheelbarrow to check if they are compatible. It will save you time and money.

Let your kids enjoy playing while they learn the real life experiences from what they see you do. Ensure that you buy them wheelbarrows that are perfect for their age and size. Their safety should be your number one priority while ensuring that it provides real functionality and have a beautiful and attractive design to entice them.