Can you Use Instagram from a Desktop PC?

To begin with, Instagram is typically a mobile-oriented app. What this means is that it works best when you upload photos stored in your phone’s memory or in real-time. But then again, that doesn’t work for all users. You may, for instance, want to upload photos or videos that are not on your phone. Or, you want to type long captions that your phone’s keyboard can’t allow you to.

Sure, you can choose to email photos from your desktop or laptop to your phone, save them and then upload on Instagram. But, do you have the time? And yes, there’s Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts, but this alternative only gets you halfway there. You’ll still need to use your phone to do the actual posting.

It’s not all gloomy though. You can still use Instagram from your desktop or laptop using third-party apps/tools or browser tricks. Some are free; others are paid. Here’s a rundown of your options if you want to use Instagram from your PC.


For starters, this is a paid tool. Just like the name suggests, it seeks to help you plan, monitor and schedule your Instagram posts directly from your desktop PC. And the beauty of it is that unlike most like-apps, you don’t have to download it. Simply log into the portal and manage your Instagram account. Easy as pie! Visit Spire to read a detailed PlanMyPost review and what it has to offer. Be sure to check out the pricing plans while you’re at it.

Flume for Mac

Flume is a brilliant, full-featured Instagram client. It is available in free and paid versions. While you can use it to manage your account, you’ll need to upgrade to Flume Pro to upload photos and videos from your desktop computer. The only downside to this tool is that it is only available for Mac.


Uplet just like Flume works for Mac. However, unlike its counterpart, it is easy to use and a great option if you’re looking for a lightweight tool that’ll get the job done. It can work with multiple Instagram accounts, allowing you to toggle between them fast.

The Bottom Line

So, yes, you can use Instagram from your desktop PC, but you must have the right tool. Go for the paid versions to access premium features. After all, you want to have a pleasant experience that involves posting videos and photos with no limitations, right?