Clever Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

It’s hard to make any impact on Instagram unless you have enough followers. Impact, in this context, means directing attention to your brand, product or service to stand out. The beauty of it, however, is that if you’re smart enough, it’s relatively easy to get people to follow you. Here is a rundown of some new ways to grow your Instagram following.

Engage your Followers

If you have an audience of one thousand, for instance, you can double or triple that number by making sure that your level of engagement remains consistent. In other words, the more you like and comment, the easier it is for you to draw new followers.

Better yet, you can use a paid service to help you get more followers, likes and engagement. Even then, you have to be careful before using any service. Of course, you want value for your money so spend some time finding more about the company claiming to sell you likes and followers. Stay away from any company that doesn’t have reviews from previous uses such as this one going by the name Mr.Insta. Visit to read more about Mr.Insta and why it looks suspicious.  Also, check out other reliable alternatives while you’re at it.

A Curated, Attractive and Complete Profile

You must have heard about the first impression and how it determines how people perceive you if they’ve never met you before. The same is true for your Instagram profile. In fact, your feed is the first opportunity you have to impress a potential followers. Put differently; people are likely to hit the “follow” button if you have an alluring photo in your feed. Ensure that your target audience resonates with your style and what you do.

On top of that, place your photos strategically. Don’t post them all over the place. Also, give emojis a break. You want people to see your face (or your product for that matter).

The Bottom Line

Instagram is such an incredible social media platform to showcase your product, service, talent and so on. However, you must have the numbers behind you, and that’s not so easy to do especially if you’re not creative enough. That’s not to say you can’t amass a large following and success – you just need to be a little different than others. To cut to the chase, up your game and every piece will start to fall into place one by one.