Common Types Of Instagram Users

Instagram is less than a decade old but it has already established itself as a leading platform and has even overtaken others that have been there for longer. It has great features and that is why most people are attracted to it and use it on a daily basis. The focus of this article will be on the users who come from different walks of life and from all over the world. It is hard to generalize people but you have a rough idea of how teachers, lawyers or musicians behave. The following are some of the common types of Instagram users

    1. The adventurous type

This group of people is always on the move and you wonder when they get time to work. Maybe they are paid to travel but that is not your focus. Today they will be on the beach, tomorrow visiting the animal orphanage and the next day mountain climbing. They probably have a list of all the places they would like to visit before they leave this world.

    1. The marketers

These are probably among the most creative when it comes to using social platforms as they use them to promote their brands. If you want to fit in this category, you have to create content that educates your followers. Do not focus on telling them why they should buy your products but on how it solves their problems. Engagement is also important as it shows that your profile is active. You may not have all the time to like new posts, fetch for new followers or even comment on other users’ content. Income Artist reviews some of the best automation tools that can help you achieve all this without hustle.

    1. The Instagram diary guy

You will know what this guy ate for lunch, his/her family members, assets that he or she owns and the next vacation date. Instagram is like a diary to him or her and you probably know all about his/her personal life. Such people are quick to like other people’s post and expect others to do the same when they share content.

    1. The inactive guy

Has very few followers and may take ages before posting new content. Once in a while, such a guy will like a post or two and probably follows celebs who might not follow back. Such guys have not yet decided what they want to do with their accounts but they opened them though.