Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Car Mover

When you plan to move your car over long distances, appointing the right car mover is a crucial step. However, the first step is to get the right mover for the trip, because remember not all movers are the same.

To get the right mover for the car, you need to inquire about various aspects that relate to the mover in particular.


The first thing that you need to understand is whether the service has insurance and a license to move the car or not. Insurance is a great thing that will protect you when something goes wrong with the car. Be sure about the insurance scheme and what it covers as well as what it doesn’t cover.

The other thing to consider is the licensing of the mover. Make sure it is duly licensed to ferry cars over the distance you desire. Licensing also makes everything legal.

Cost of Transport

The next thing to consider is the cost and mode of payment required for the service you choose. You need to be aware of the cost of moving the car because this varies from mover to mover and also depending on the type of car you wish to move. The distance also matters a lot because it will mean more hours spent on the road.

You also need to consider any special requirements you have such as a special environment to transport the car as this will cost some more. Once you choose the company to provide the service, you need to pay a deposit to secure the service.

Determine the Location for Pick-up and Dropping off

You need to determine where the vehicle will be picked up from and where it needs to be taken to. This is because some companies have restrictions as to where they can take the car to and where they can’t. Many companies also pick up the car at their terminal and then expect you to get it at their destination terminal as well. They usually deliver the car to the nearest terminal for picking it up.

In Closing

Transportation is a daily routine that you cannot avoid at all. The right auto transport company, such as Clarks Van and Car Movers doesn’t just provide the transportation you need but also takes care of your precious vehicle from the time they pick it up to the time they drop it off. You are sure that your car will remain intact when you pick it up.