How paper is made from wood

Have you ever heard or read from somewhere that paper is made from wood and you wondered how possible that could be. It might look unreal, but that’s the truth. Papers are made from trees and also from plant fibers.

The use of paper or its important can’t be overlooked as we use it in our day to day activities. We read newspapers to get updated; we add toilet paper to our children school pack to keep them neat, we write on paper in schools and office and so on. Without doubt, paper is important to us all.

Companies that make papers do part of their work in the forest via Splitting Wood and taking it down to their industry to carry out the necessary things needed to produce paper.

Choosing the Right Kind of Tree to Make Paper

You should have noticed by now that paper doesn’t have the same texture, some are soft while some are hard. This is because papers are not made with the same tree. The nature and chemical composition of a tree will determine the texture of a paper.

Papers that are strong are made from soft wood because they have lasting fibers in them while papers that are used for writing and printing are made from hard wood because they have short fibers.

Companies that specialize in the production of paper go into places like the forest to chop down trees for paper production.

They call what they do logging. It can be done in two ways, total clear out or selective split ing. Total clear out is about chopping down all the trees in that location while selective is marking some and cutting them down leaving the rest behind.

The Process of Making Paper

Paper making occurs in three ways

Making pulp, beating, pulp to paper and dry

Making pulp

There are two ways of making pulp from trees, mechanical and chemical method. The first stage of making paper from wood is by turning the wood into pulp.

Using a mechanical method, you will have to make use of machines to blend the wood into pulp. In this process the fibers in the wood are blended with the wood and paper made from this will be soft and they are mostly used in the newspaper companies.

The chemical method of making pulp involves the use of chemical substances and papers made from this are very strong.


Beating is the process of squeezing out the pulp from the grinded wood and this is carried out in a large crate called beater machine. Lot of materials will be added to the pulp which will influence the opacity of the product.

Pulp to paper and finish

After the beating of the pulp, it will be transferred into a machine called Fourdrinier machine and thereafter the paper is made. And lastly it is passed through a roller which is made of metal called calendars to dry them and make them ready for use.