Why Instagram May Be Good for You As An Author

Considering the number of social media platforms available today, it is no surprise that Instagram remains to be unpopular among article and book writers.  The platform is highly known for sharing visual content and for long, authors have assumed that Instagram is not a viable promotion platform. However, you can take advantage of its millions of active users to gain more potential readers and increase your business profits. The question is, can the platform benefit you as an author?

Here’s how you can benefit from Instagram without spending a lot of money.


Instagram allows you to interact with professional bloggers and opinion leaders who may review your book and get you more audience. It also gives you a chance to learn from fellow writers and access publication opportunities. You can easily follow and engage with whatever company you want through the platform.

Promotion and Marketing

One of the reasons why Instagram is a perfect place to advertise your books is because it has a very large fanbase and the numbers keep increasing each day. You can come up with a contest and give your book as the prize or share some excerpts from your book to interest the audience more about your publication.

Collaboration With Your Fans

Instagram is a great platform to engage your fans and support them in their projects. Create a visual diary where you post great images related to your publication with your followers who may decide to recommend you to their networks. Share diverse book cover arts with them as well. If you own a business account on Instagram, you will be able to receive some statistics that make you understand your audience better and what they like about your publications. You will also be able to study their online presence and determine the best time to engage with them.

Upcoming Events

It is very easy to reach a wider audience via Instagram because it gives you an opportunity to share your posts on other social networks. This is a good avenue for you to invite guests to your upcoming events such as book signing and the launch of a new publication.  You can use teasers to get your readers excited about an upcoming publication in an attempt to make presales.


You can market your publications on Instagram without spending much. Spare a few minutes each day on the platform to generate sales, build awareness, and attract a number of followers who may become your loyal customers.