List of The Top Rated Instagram Bots 2019

Before we start listing the actual bots there are a few things we took into consideration, specifically the capabilities and features each bot has to offer like the ability of liking posts, following people, unfollowing people which is just as important, commenting on other people’s posts, tagging people, and not to forget search functions based on demographics and geographics to reach your ideal audience.

Other Stuff to Think About

Other things we’ve taken into account are user reviews, if a lot of people complain about the bot it wouldn’t make it to our list and we also tried to filter out the services with bold claims. Then there is one more thing and that are bots that get banned rather quickly by Instagram. In other words, we weeded out all the crap so that you can get the best bang for your buck and bot for an eternity without continuously having to replace your account with a new one.

Social Steeze Tops The List Again

This bot has all the features that we discussed above and with all the raving reviews about it, it’s truly hard to go wrong with it. They offer multiple pricing plans so whether you run one account or multiple there is always a proper solution that matches your wishes, to read a full review on it you can visit that reviews this bot among a dozen others.

Social 10X Deserves the Second Place

It’s quite similar to Social Steeze so if you have a hard time making a decision then perhaps it’s the price you should focus on. Although the plans aren’t comparable in an exact way, as each comes with its own different things, you can take a look at what you need and simply pick the bot that matches that best. The benefit of Social 10X is that they don’t just offer bots for Instagram but for Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook as well.

Rise Social Hits Third on Our List

I told you I was going to keep it simple for you so why list dozens of bots when three do everything you want. On the site that I linked to previously, they say it’s best for business accounts, what they mean with that is that it manages to stay under the radar at all times as you definitely don’t want your company account to get banished from Instagram.

Well there you have it, a short but impactful list to take your marketing to the next level!