Recommendations about using of bug zapers

Recommendations about using of bug zappers

The functional principle of action of bug zappers is rather simple. The electric ultra-violet lamp radiates the narrow range of light in a visible range, which attracts insects strongly. The process of termination happens due to use of special sticky paper or a grid to high voltage. In some models, there is a special container in which insects drag on the fan.

Bug zappers are intended for an extermination of the flying insects without use of chemicals, poisons, and traps.

Light of special ultraviolet light-emitting diodes attracts the flying insects (midges, mosquitoes, moths, etc.). Flying by between grid electrodes, the insect closes itself an electric chain and perishes. Grid on the direct current, safe for the person and pets moves. This device can be used in houses, apartments, production and warehouse, in shops, hotels and restaurants and other rooms. The protected area: 15-20 sq.m. Dining: it is inserted into the socket of 220 Century. Sizes: 100?60?80 mm.

There are personal and professional bug zappers. The reviews of both types can be at Bug Shock.

Personal bug zappers are specially created for placement on premises. Usually, each model equipped with the practically taken box that facilitates cleaning. The case is made of high-quality polymer. The practical design of the device protects an electric part from hit of dirt and moisture. Devices of this type have safety parameters same, as well as at a professional one.

Professional bug zappers have been developed for the industrial enterprises and nutrition production. Devices are highly effective, functional and have elements of the increased safety. All devices of this type are usually equipped with the sliding tray which is easily cleared of insects. All devices can work without trays. As a rule, its case is manufactured of plastic polymer. The special structure of this material protects an electric part of the device from dirt and moisture. Professional bug zappers are made of special materials, which are heat-resistant and able to keep the properties during the long term of use. The internal lattice usually made of zinc steel and has to function itself of cleaning. The external protective lattice is made of the enameled or galvanized steel for counteraction of corrosion at the increased humidity.

When placing a bug zapper remember that  device:

– should be located away from a congestion of people.

– should not be located in brightly lit places since bright light reduces the efficiency of a lamp of the device.

– should be placed not lower than 2 m above the ground.

– should not be placed near air streams, it can blow off insects.