Rolex Submariner. Why it is great decision to choose them.

The history of scuba diving watches contains at least two legends at its source – Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and Rolex Submariner. It is considered that both models appeared in 1953 and everyone purchased a long loop of merits and devoted admirers since then. Nevertheless, Rolex Submariner was presented to the inhabitant in 1954. That were legendary watches under the designation ref. 6204.

The time has passed. Submariner thanks to absolutely minor changes in appearance deserved the right to be called classical Rolex watches. Curiously that one of the main elements of driving hours – unidirectional rotary bezel is the one, which model had received only at the beginning of the 80th (after an expiration of the patent for this invention belonging to Blancpain.

The recent Submariner Date model, which received corporate ceramic bezel instead of habitual aluminum appeared in catalogs of the brand in 2010. As for being today the Submariner version without an index of date was provided two years after, in 2012.

The watch case constitutes 40 mm in the diameter, and its middle part is made by milling of an integral piece of metal. The surface has high-quality semi-gloss handling and only sidewalls are subjected to polishing. The decision is very practical and at the same time serves for the achievement of an attractive combination of surfaces of various invoices. For a shell material, a choice was made for benefit of stainless steel of type. Unlike the steel which is most spread in the hour industry, this metal is characterized by the increased resistance to corrosion because of additional content of chrome, molybdenum, nickel and copper.

Usually, owners of Rolex Submariner very briefly characterize impression about the hours – “put on and forgot”. Same goes to replica rolex submariner. What is covered in these words? The most important – hours conveniently fit a wrist, they are universal in view of good water tightness and case height, have optimum weight, are reliable, exact and unpretentious.

But another party of this phrase says that hours do not surprise. It is difficult for a look to be hooked for some new, unusual element of shape which only hardly shaping within these 60 years.

But a permanency – a class sign. And in most cases, it is quite enough that in one of those days when you are happy and self-sufficient to find legendary Rolex Submariner on the wrist (or its quality replica, which is cost more than twice less).