Smart Ways to Automate your Instagram Account

Your success on Instagram is highly dependent on the number of followers you have. However, accumulating a large number of followers manually is not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of effort. This is especially so if you are managing numerous accounts and you have to keep doing the highly repetitive tasks on all the accounts. With competition on an ever-high in the present world, small entrepreneurs can hardly compete with larger and more popular brands, especially in the online space.

It’s for such reasons that most small business owners have turned to automation in an effort to enhance their brand identity. Even so, using Instagram bots is not only unorthodox but also a violation of Instagram’s terms of use. Thus, you risk getting your account suspended or banned if you are not careful. Nevertheless, the tips below can help you automate your Instagram account without putting it at risk of a ban.

Avoid Full Automation

The market is flooded with all sorts of automation tools promising instant success. Some of these tools, as noted by Fred Harrington, can take up all your account activities leaving you with little or nothing to do. They will leave comments, post on your behalf, follow, unfollow, and even interact with your followers. Such bots are high-risk and you should keep away from them as much as you can. In fact, if you are seeking a shorter route to getting your account banned, go the full automation way. Such bots can go on a rampage liking post, leaving emojis, following and unfollowing, as well as commenting on any post without caring about context or even morality.

Only Use Auto-like Bots

These bots are low risk and happen to be the safest. By auto-liking, you don’t face a similar risk associated with leaving insensitive or misplaced comments on other user’s posts. Even though they might not bring instantaneous results or followers in a large capacity, they can still enhance your visibility and drive traffic to your account.

Most people tend to return the favor by liking your posts too. Hence, your profile should be well-crafted with an eye-catching bio and an appealing profile picture. That way, people might be enticed to click on your picture and if your posts are interesting, such users might end up following you.

Interact Actively with your Followers

One of the most popular automation practices is post scheduling. Scheduling your posts in advance means you don’t have to be online to post your content manually. Even so, it’s important to find the time and join in the discussions triggered by your posts. It may raise eyebrows and seem insensitive if you can’t respond to replies or messages while your posts keep coming up. Go online, reply to messages and comments, and add your comments too. A simple reply to a comment could be the foundation of a long-term relationship with your most valuable customers.