Therapeutic Baths: What You Need to Know

Bathing your skin using a variety of preparations to remove scales, crusts or to relieve itching and inflammation is termed a therapeutic bath. You can also use these baths to speed up wound healing and to apply gradual, gentle heat to joints and sore muscles. It is also ideal for treating sports injuries to painful vascular conditions. These baths are ideal for adults and kids, women and men alike. If you have been out and about, you must have seen a therapeutic bath used by midwives during natural baths to reduce the pain of delivery.

How Should You Do It?

For the therapeutic bath to be effective, the water that contains the medication should cover the whole body. One way to do this is to have a bathtub big enough to hold water that covers you from the chin to the toe. You can get the right bathtub from Bathing Guide.

You also need to understand what temperature the bath should be at so that you get the maximum benefits from the bath.

You need to have the medication you need at hand. Understand the amounts you need to use for the task and measure them out in the required quantities. Wait for the bath to be ready before you go ahead and immerse yourself in it.

Precautions to Take

When setting the temperature, make sure it is comfortable to the hand. You should not soak in the bath longer than necessary. Normally, the bath should take between 20 and 30 minutes so that you avoid the tendency of the bath to wear away your skin.

Place a mat on the floor of the tub before you add any water. This is because many medications will make the floor of your bathtub slippery and dangerous.

Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated. Some of the medications that you use will be volatile, and if the vapor fills the bathroom, you mind end up inhaling the medication. This can be disastrous.

Never leave small children alone in the tub due to the risk of drowning. Never apply the flower or herb oils direct to the skin, instead follow the mode of use as stipulated by the instructions.

Closing Remarks

Therapeutic baths come with powerful healing powers that you and your family can enjoy. Make sure you follow the instructions to the latter to enjoy these benefits and more. With the right bathtub size and the right medications, you can get the healing you want.