Why You Should Try a Dot Peen Machine

Whether you are in charge of a large-scale production line, or just wanting to find an efficient, permanent way to leave your mark on your home crafts and creations, you’ll want to try the dot peen system. A dot peen market is a machine that creates marks through a striker pin that makes tiny dots on the surface material you want to be marked. This process creates a personalized logo or trademark on all your products and possessions.

The dot peen marker uses an electric pressure to create deep etchings into your material that will last for a long time. They will even penetrate through coatings like paint which makes it a durable and reliable process.

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If you’re a small business, it’s a great way to add your logo to your product. It’s a quick and easy way to mark permanently, and you can control the depth of the penetration which gives you an ease of use. It’s not as expensive as chemical marking and a lot quicker than hand engraving – it gives you the best of both worlds. Once you’ve designed your trademark and applied it with a dot peen marker, you can set this as the standard, so you get consistency across the board.

There are three types of dot peen markers available. This covers a variety of uses, from small jobs that you can navigate at home to industrial production if you run an assembly line.

A bench unit is typically mounted to a table, which means that you’ll have to bring parts to the machine to mark them. It isn’t portable but its stable and reliable, and great for consistent jobs that require the same etching every time.

A portable unit gives you the flexibility to take the dot peen marker to more significant pieces of material that you can’t bring to a bench unit. They are also attachable to your computer or laptop, which enables you to use the software associated with the design.

An integrated unit is designed to be used with a production line where you are marking consistently the same product with the same marking. They can be attached to all kinds of different lines, including assembly cells, robotic welding, leak detection systems or inspection systems.

With the availability of dot peen markers out there, chances are you’ll find the one that is the perfect fit for your product.