How To Use Instagram For Marketing

All businesses are irrespective of whether small or big are embracing social media marketing as they realize the many benefits that come with it. Instagram is one of the most famous social accounts that enjoys fanatical following from people from all walks of life. Business owners in the service industry, as well as those in the manufacturing industry, are using this channel to market their brands and it has been very successful. However, some people have failed because they do not know how to market their businesses effectively. The following is a simple guide on how to use Instagram for marketing purposes.

    1. Take advantage of the visuals

Many people love Instagram because it allows them to post photos and videos which makes it easy to convince customers. Make sure that your videos and photos are of high quality to keep your customers glued. Take advantage of the filters and various editing tools to make your visuals stand out from the rest. Accompany your photos and videos with relevant hashtags and captions to send messages to potential customers. Ensure that your videos are of the agreed length and link longer ones on your bio. Encourage your followers to comment and share your posts.

    1. Automate

If you are not cautious enough, you can spend so much time on social media that you forget other business functions. Automation or use of bots can save you time and resources but still reach out to your customers. A bot can engage your customers, search for relevant hashtags and even post several times in a day. You shall only answer those questions that need personalized answers. You can link customers to your FAQs page and save you time from answering the same questions over and over again. Bots come with different features depending on the plan and developer. You can check some of the best bots at

    1. Have a dedicated business account

Mixing your private life with business can be one of the biggest mistakes you make on Instagram. Unless you are a brand yourself, then ensure that you have a different account where you post your pets’ and vacation photos. Have a complete profile that lists what you do and any other relevant information. You can link your Instagram account to your website, Facebook or even Twitter handle. Update your profile when you introduce new products.

Knowing what and when to post can increase conversion rate in tenfold. You do not have to be an expert to make sales through Instagram